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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Online Shopping

When I do my online browsing and shopping, I look for things that are either in my hobby interest (books, gardening, yarn, knitting, gemstones and a glass beads) or I look at clothing.  I love to drool over items I cannot afford, like anything Oscar De La Renta, or a certain Dooney Bourke bag I have had my eye on. Or I look at boots.  I love boots and have bought several pair online.

I love to  look for jewelry especially if it is handmade, vintage or antique jewelry.  I love old Mexican Taxco silver and copper pins.  I often look for something slightly quirky and unusual or something really old and often Middle Eastern or African in design.  I don't purchase many pieces, as I love to buy the components and put it together myself.  I make some for you....some for me.

Since becoming a jewelry artist, I no longer am drawn to commercial jewelry.  I still think it is lovely but I would rather have that  handcrafted piece that is "one of."  I love hammered silver clasps and chunky gemstones.  I also love edgy pieces like my "silver" washer bracelet with large silver lobster claw clasp with one red coral bead.

I still want to know your favorite online items.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking for Feedback

When you are shopping online what do you look for:

1.  Clothing
2.  Shoes
3.  Books
4.  Handbags
5.  Jewelry

Let me know?  I will let you know what others have said.  This is very unscientific.....just my own curosity.