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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeling Sunday

Today was a day to use for inspiration. No rain, a little wind and a chance to do some much needed yard work. The roses are trimmed, the beds have been weeded and windfall picked up.

The daffodils are up, the crocuses are in bloom as is the hyacinth: yellows, deep purples, and deep reds. Tomorrow I will make a piece of jewelry in honor of my first blooms.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Getting on to Spring

The calendar shows me that spring is on it's way. I have seen a few blossoms and I have two jonquils in bloom at the end of the driveway. But it is cold and raw, the wind is blowing, and my fancy wants to turn to all things frivolous and summer- like but in reality it is too cold and I need a new winter jacket. My body still wants the heavy comfort foods we associate with colder weather: chili, brisket, potatoes and roasted vegetables.

My beads tell me it is time to put together fripperies in the lastest spring colors: melons, deep yellows, blues without a hint of gray, spring greens. I say wait! I'm still clad in black, navy and heavy boots.

But it is getting on to spring!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skills Gaps and Your Second Wind

I am watching the House Higher Education Committee on television talk about the cuts to community and technical education and they are going on and on about skills gaps. (I think there isn't any as people have transferrable skills but that is a discussion for employers....not us)!

I have a skills gap, some days, when it comes to putting together my creations. Have you ever had that day when you are working on your craft and nothing works right?  You know, beads break, wire bends in a way you never meant it too you drop the last crimp bead you have and you can't find it on the patterned carpet? 

There are times when I wondered why I took on this endeavor because nothing works right and nothing sells in my shop...

But then I catch (you probably have too) my second wind and creativity rains over my head and I am back in the game. Last night, I was on a creative streak and my work turned out as envisioned.  My beads were my muse....

The message is....stay in the game and when it all goes awry let it to the beads....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Books and More Books

Today I went to my local bookstore and wanted to purchase a beading book I  had my eye on for sometime. No such luck. It wasn't at my two local beadshops or at either bookstore that sells current "best sellers" in this area. I was not seduced by the other books I picked up and considered.

Then I got to thinking...."do I need a book or do I need to experiment and see what my own creativity can come up with, using the techniques I learned in class and from other printed sources?"

I remembered that when I started making jewelry, I didn't rely on books. I did what was intuitive, organic, creative and was something I would wear, proudly, on a daily basis.  My first year, I didn't care what was in style or what would sell. And it did sell.

I need to recapture that magic, and look to my surroundings and what the beads tell me....

The Blog is Launched!

I wanted to start a blog for sometime because I love writing, beads, jewelry, creating, reading, gardening and my etsy shop at, but I couldn't get started I thought it was going to be a complicated propostion.  But I find it isn't!

I am so excited to be here ot share what I know about shop creation, beading, jewelry, and all that is fun, funky and affordable.

You can read my profile and get to know me....I hope you stay so I get to know you.  Let's have fun!