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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jewelry Show Season

It seems to be jewelry show season....harvest time events - a good time to share your autumn themed items, orange or old gold colored pieces and pre-holiday items.

Last Saturday, I did a show for Kokua here in Olympia that supports children and adults in our community who have disabilities.  The fair booth was high and the sales were low but at least BluJeanBeads was representen'.

When sales don't go as hoped you have to decide whether it was a bust or did you do something for your community.

I followed the advice of someone on line that said you should have a statement piece on your table to draw the eye and "the crowd."  It worked....I had two wonderful charm necklaces....I wore one and displayed the other larger one.  People loved it....women came up and had to feel all the charms....

I think (with wanting draw others to my table) I created a niche item.  I am going to make more charms and more charm necklaces.

I will report how it goes.