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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Fall Sneak

I have been concentrating on gardening for so long that I have neglected my blog.  Although I have been in my cluttered "studio" which is really a four foot long folding table in a corner of my youngest child's bedroom (she has moved to Seattle).  I have between weeding, cleaning out flower beds and tending my little flock of chickens been making this funky little memory wire bracelets and rings made with vintage buttons.

You can see my work online at

I found the buttons at an antique store in downtown Olympia.  They were already in a cute little jar.  I also found some old broken pins and old pendants for charm necklaces and bracelets at the same place but in a different booth.

But now is fall. Almost all the leaves had dropped and we are turning up the fire.  Long cooking meals are coming out of the oven.  It is time to think about holiday gifts for the nieces, the sisters and the daughter's.  Got to get back to the studio.  Got to get back to the beads, the buttons and the chain.

Stay warm!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer 2013

We have not had a real summer in two years here in the Pacific Northwest, until now.  Mornings are cool and cloudy but my noon it is sunny and temperatures have been in the low 70's to the low '80's.  It is nice.  Somedays a little warm but for the most part not too hot to go outside and enjoy nature, hikes, picnics, parades, ice cream and ice cold melons.

But not trusting took me a month to dig out my summer dresses and do a try on to see what would fit and what wouldn't.  Only three were way too tight and had to go....and four were tight but once I lose 10 pounds will fit nicely again.

Summer jewelry from this year and the past 20 years fits just fine!  That is the cool thing about accessories....they can be your "favorites" forever and ever.   I especially love straw handbags in the summer, bright bracelets and wood pieces with texture.  Earrings can be huge disks or hoops and can be gold, silver or bright colors.  I made a pair of earrings the other day that are giant plastic balls...they are huge and in turquoise!

Ankle bracelets look great with sandals and you can really call attention to them with bright colors or bright polish on a fresh pedicure. 

Have fun, enjoy the sun....wear cute accessories and always (sunscreen).

Monday, May 6, 2013


Why oh why?

I know we all have these crazy day jobs and even crazier real lives....I know I do.  I have a husband in chronic pain-bad health....a job...where I am on the road more hours of the day then not, an online business: and three Grandsons (one in utero) and two who are incredibly bright preschoolers.  I am also a daughter of an 82 year old Mom (who is always on the go and I have an account with the FBI to constantly monitor her whereabouts) and 6 siblings....a bizillion nieces  nephews, great nieces and great nephews and friends with children that make more surrogate nieces, nephews and grandchildren to track!!!!!

I am working hard on all fronts and can't remember passwords and have to keep a list of what I should be doing when.  But what should I be doing....making the best jewelry ever and I am.....

In honor of the little girls in my life I have been creating the prettiest, brightest, candy-licious memory wire bracelets.  They are bright and fun and irresistible  .  In honor of the Mom's in my life I have been creating wonderful bracelets, eco-friendly, re-purposed necklaces.  For that is fun for gardeners to wear after they get done weeding, composting, mulching, planting and watering.  For wine lovers for wine lovers. You have too look at my site to see:

For the love of sun and spring, I have been planting my myriad planters, pots and troughs with vegetables and flowers, perennials and annual seeds.  My garden has pots bursting with seedlings of sweet peas, carrots, green onions and lettuce, collard greens, strawberries, garlic, mizuna, pak coy, and kale.  In my small green house I have tomatoes and summer squash and an acorn squash.  I am looking forward to planting my fave's (green beans), egg plant, cucumbers, hot peppers and corn.

I find that as my tastes are evolving (have you noticed I started with gemstones and glass?) and are now looking at found items and paper.  I have created a quart jar full of paper beads....rolled....glued and glazed. I have also looked at different textures of cardboard and pressed paper items from the scrapbook section of my local craft store.  I am having fun with polymer clays.

Life is varied.....and it is fun....and as long as the sun is shining there is something to grow....plants, jewelry,!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Spring Arrives

When spring arrives I
Am gonna put on my jazziest rings
My funkiest necklaces and
My wildest bracelets - all stacked up
In crazy colors

And I am gonna put on my hippest shoes
and walk among the forsythia and the tulips
Cruise through the daffodils

I'll drink my coffee on the porch
And sit on a red chair
Watching the birds build their nests.

I am so looking forward to spring.  I notice that my jewelry creations are opening up....turning expansive like beaches and sky fresh air.  I am so looking forward to sky blue, turquoise and spring green - you know that green that has that lovely hint of yellow in it?

What are you doing for Spring?

How are you changing your accessories?

How are you changing your wardrobe?

What colors are speaking to you?

Let me know.

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Creations

I used to be totally obsessed with writing and now it is crafting in my little corner of my world.  I have been making paper beads, charms, altered art, gifts....and drawing ideas in a little art book I received as a gift from my daughter.

Today I pulled out the camera and put two necklaces online at my shop: My sister and I, went in on a light box and today was my day to try it out.

Here is my creation:

I have also been doing some fiberwork....making crocheted earrings and my work, misprinted a ton of documents and I felt bad about just throwing them into the recycling I cut them into strips and rolled a quart jars worth of paper beads. Also did the same with some left over old event posters.

Let me know what you think....also let me know what you are working on and share your pics!