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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday

I decided that my blog readers need the affordable and a little fun. I am offering a Pre-Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday and Post-Cyber Monday sale for those of you who want to get your game on with your holiday shopping. Save some monya and spare yourself the onslaught of that large box Mart store where people acted a fool. 

30% off all stock today, Monday and Tuesday.....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shop Local Saturday

I love the way the business community just keeps coming up with these nice little "days" to help us spend our money.  I have been doing "Shop Local Christmas shopping" for years and years and years.  My sister Beth and I, take time to spend a day visiting small communities around where we live and we shop small stores.

Have I told this to you before, reader?  I apologize, if so, but it does bear repeating. Take the frenzy out of the holidays.  Yesterday, I went to our local beadstore, Shipwreck Beads, and bought some beautiful beads. I came home and made 5 gifts for the total cost of 30 dollars of materials (gemstones and silver wire) while hanging out in the family room with my sister and daughter. 

I was watching television and instead of just mindlessly watching Sherlock Holmes solve a case, I solved a gift idea dilemma.

I have also bought some pendants and charms from local artisans to make other pieces. Inexpensive, handcrafted, made in the USA, one of, signature pieces for only about $5.00 a component.

My next big thing to do is to create something for the men in the family. Hmmmmm....One brother will wear a bracelet....the other not so much....brothers' in law are practical men.  Nephews, nah!!!! 

Thank goodness I can cook.  I think I will put together some soup mixes, rub mixes for steaks and roasts, and maybe some herb flavored oils.  Oh....not to forget, packages of my killer peanut brittle.

Yeah....that is what I will do....Don't tell.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from BluJeanBeads

It has been a great day....Thanksgiving with old friends, new friends and family. We have filled up on the traditional roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, candied yams, steamed green beans, rolls, and a delicious wild mushroom soup. Soooo.....Good.

Now we are on the couch watching The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency waiting for our bellies to go down so we can fit in some pie. We are solving crimes in Botswana and enjoying the beautiful views of Africa and the beautiful colors.

The women are always wearing jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and colorful scarves. We American women should do the same.  And in the tradition of the ancient world we should wear handcrafted adornment. We should wear rich colored glass beads, pearls, and other colorful gemstones. We should drape scarves around our necks and sail forth like the queens we are.

Wouldn't this be just lovely on you with a creamy, silky blouse?  Of course it would.

You may also want to check out something a little more funky.  What would this do for your outfit:

Have fun with your adornment and step out proudly, looking your best.

Happy Thanksgiving....Walk in beauty!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ways to Save Money and Look Great Doing It!

How can jewelry save you money?

I love clothes but in this economy I have made myself stop frivolously shopping.  If I need a basic item (black slacks) I try to find them at alternative outlets: thrift stores, outlet malls, discount designer shops. I just found a pair of black wool slacks from Banana Republic from the Goodwill for $6.99.  Had them dry cleaned for another $6.00 and for an under $13.00 investment have trousers I will probably wear for the next 10 years or more. They are classic in style, have a great lining and look brand new.  Not bad, eh?

But how will I take these trousers and make them a part of my “uniform” without adding to the cost of buying more pieces to wear with them?  By shopping my closet and by shopping my jewelry boxes for accessories to set off my outfits.  I can wear them with a red jacket and a white blouse, a green jacket with a green blouse or just wear with a number of blouses and tops I already have in my wardrobe or one of my vintage cashmere sweaters. I will always look smart if I also did into my jewelry chests and pull out my pearls, illusion necklaces, black jet beads, gold earrings, silver earrings, ruby earrings, garnet earrings.  Then if I really want to look sassy, I can layer the jewelry.  I love putting together gold and silver earrings with a gold bracelet, silver toned watch and a funky silver ring on my right hand.  I also love to wear black and white outfits and red jewelry. Or sometimes I will pair turquoise with old gold and black just to switch it up a little.

Being a jeweler means I always have an avenue to make a sassy pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace to update my look. I don’t even have to commit to the piece as I know I can take it apart and make something else when I want. I can also take the pieces I have had for years and refashion them or add a new pendant to an old necklace. 

Another good wardrobe extender is scarves. You can wear any number of scarves that match or add contrast to a variety of outfits.  My niece showed me a trick in scarf wearing – you can take the fringe ends of a scarf and tie them together….then put the scarf around your neck like a mobius strip. The fringe will not interfere with your day and you won’t have to spend time readjusting  your scarf every time you bend down.

Scarves come in all types of fabrics and textures so if you had three red scarves you can wear them differently as one may have a sheen, one may be a fluid silk and one may be hand woven and nubby.  Giving your outfits a different look even if you have the same trousers and blouse on.

Handbags can also pull an outfit together.  Think of the black and white ensemble with a gold bag.  How would it look with a green bag or a vintage bag from the 60’s?  What if you only had one bag, like say in black.  What could you do?  Go back to your scarves.  You can tie a different color scarf on the handle of your bag or tote and create a whole new look. 

Pins are another great update.  I have a little converter that I can put on a pin and turn it into a pendant to wear on a sterling silver collar.  I also am not afraid to wear a pin the standard way or to put it in an unexpected place – the hem of my cashmere sweater….  On my jacket pocket…even on my cloth tote or bag.

Shoes can also be thought of as a wardrobe updater.  You will need to check heel length. I have to wear flats so my pants work with most of my shoes.  I will wear pink loafers with my black slacks,  black ballet slippers, Mary Jane’s, a slide or a pair of boots. I  have loafers in  unexpected bright colors just for those moments when I need some pizzazz. 

Every basic you have in your closet should have 5 or 6 ways to accessorize and there should be four or five blouses, several sweaters and jackets currently in your wardrobe to wear with it or it is not a basic.

Recap:  shop your closet, try different accessories with your basics to update your look. Pull out your wardrobe of scarves as  a quick updater. Use the accessories you own, in unexpected ways, to jazz things up.  Make something.

Have fun….save money and shop local (your closet)!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Save Money During the Holidays

The best, I mean the very best way to save money for the holidays is to shop local, shop on line at and use coupon HS2011 to get 10% off your purchase price at check out.  This is also a time to buy that special accessory to go with the holiday outfit for that work party. It is also the time to buy that special accessory for that special romantic holiday supper with your honey.

Shopping local just makes sense and doing your shopping early makes even better cents. I mean sense.

My sister and I have a tradition to go out the day after Thanksgiving and enjoy shopping at local independent shops within reach of our homes.  We try to buy local products and handcrafted products as well.  It is fun....we find nice, meangingful gifts and we also strive to slow down our pace and not chase every sale. Who cares that you have a thousand gifts under the tree?  It is more meaningful to have the nicest couple of presents under the tree.

The time spent with family and friends is more important than the relentless shopping for useless items.So this year, I have favorited all the gifts that I think my family members will like on Etsy. I am focusing on my OlyTeam members as they all live within mere miles of my house and they are my friends and or family.  I am crafting my list this weekend for giving and will start my shopping in a matter of days.

By Black Friday, my shopping will be more or less complete and I can put all my focus into putting together your sale items, wrapping them so you don't have to and shipping in time for you to make your friends and family happy.  Easy peasy.

Join me in having time for family and friends and in saving money and sanity. Let's make the holidays about more than frenzied last minute shopping.  I'll help you to have the holiday of your life: