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Monday, May 21, 2012

Urgggh Tiles

I am still not ready to show you my scrabble tiles.  They are getting better but still have some shrunken middles and some bubbles. But they are getting better.

Maybe I should have made like two at a time till I figured this out. No not me, I had to go ahead and cut out 50 little squares of paper from a gardening catalog then glue them all on tiles, then coat each with glaze.  Now....when you are learning and take this as a lesson is to not get so gungho with your plans and product.  Start small......

What was I thinking?

Hey I am still gonna get there.

On top of all of this crazy tile creativity and slowness I have also landscaped and rebarked my garden....about 1/2 of an acre.  Planted up my veggies....purchased annuals (they still have to go in) and weeded and fertilized my roses.  I have also mowed both back and front lawns, mulched and did 3/4 of my jewelry inventory for my online business:

Oh....whatelse have I been doing?  Oh yeah, tending to my daughter's sadness, my funky truck that has a starter problem, entertaining family, building greenhouses and driving 3-400 miles a week to sign kids up for a college scholarship (day and evening and night job).  Just that....

But those darned tiles....

Friday, May 4, 2012

More on Scrabble Tile Pendants

I am still working on perfecting scrabble tiles. Oh my goodness. They are so cute but unfortunately some of the pendants have kind of like a sunken middle where I used the Diamond Glaze.  Maybe I should have worked from the middle to to the outside instead of the other way round.

Then tonight....I started a few more....I found another product which is brush on.  I tried that.  It is still wet so I still see the brush strokes in my two trial tiles.  What is this stuff....let me go see to tell you....Oh it is "Triple Thick Brilliant Brush On Gloss Glaze" and it comes in a little pot.  I purchased it at Michaels.

Then I tried on another tile, a Jolly Rogers motif with "Aleene's Paper Glaze" that I found also at Michaels.  I tried putting it on the tile by filling in the middle first and then filling in the edges....I see tiny little bubbles on the edge.

Tomorrow morning I will assess the work and maybe after that I will try a trial of regular two part resin and will let you in on the comparison.

I didn't kow about Diamond Glaze until I met, Christine Hansen at a street fair. She is the co-author of the book "Making Mixed Media Art Charms and Jewelry" with Peggy Krzyzewski.  She told me she used Diamond Glaze because you didn't have to mix resin at the right temperature and it was goof proof.

Well being the want to "know more" person I am....I got on line and researched some more and realized that there were tons of tutorials and videos for making scrabble tile pendants.  All were about pouring on resin to make a rounded, slightly magnified pendant.  Was that what I wanted?  Or does a more flat organic look work more for me?....maybe both.  So tomorrow, when everything dries, I will know more.  These first efforts may meet the landfill - although they are cute...or maybe I will make a first effort charm bracelet just for me so I won't waste product.  But any which way, I will report to you, dear reader.