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Monday, August 27, 2012

School is Around The Corner but Summer Hasn't Left

I don't know why people always equate school with fall.  Summer ends on September 21st so we have a little be well...summery!

In the last three summers, the Northwest has been blah....not enough warm weather till late in July.  Then it gets dry with a couple of days in a row of scorchers:  above 90 degrees.

So what? We get about three really good days to dazzle in our summer dresses.  Then it is school....people start thinking about fall and boots are on sale in the major department stores before we can get our latest pair of flip flops.  Just doesn't seem fair.

But I am loving the colors of fall this year that I see in the fashion world: that deep burnt orange, magenta, deep reds, mustard and old gold yellows, teals and dark greens.

Although I am having some trouble moving away from my light summery pinks and blues, bright yellows...I will....I have too....I am being compelled.  But I choose to wait....late in September!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Fun

It was hot this weekend.  In the 90's and what made it hotter was going to the Potlach on Squaxin Island.  The Canoe Journey was held in Olympia WA this year.  Over 100 Indians paddled into Olympia and some had come as far way as Alaska, Canada and New Zealand. Yes, the Maori were representing.

My sisters and I joined the festivities. It was exciting to see the Native Pride and to celebrate with our sisters and brothers around the Pacific Northwest.

I had a great time admiring (what else) everyone's jewelry and the cedar hats.

Look for the canoe journey online.