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Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping and Silly Husbands

K., and I went to Seattle to celebrate our 12th anniversary this past weekend.  Seattle is approximately 1 hour from Olympia on a good day and it was a so so day so we made it in 1.5 hours.  We settled into the Sheraton....rested a bit, puttered across the street to eat at Palamino's one of my favorite restaurants.  Then coffee and back to the room to read, and relax.

Saturday we get up and head towards the Pike Place Market and food.  Breakfast time. We hop a Metro bus which is free in the downtown corridor so we do not have to fight for and pay for parking.  We wander along the market looking for a suitable breakfast spot and my husband settles on Chinese.  Until,  I look at the menu and decide I would prefer a typically high fat American breakfast: eggs, toast, jam, coffee, hashbrowns and bacon.  We wander through the market and head for the Sanitary market across the street and find the perfect little hole in the wall cafe with great breakfasts and crappy coffee.  Just what you would get in a diner of it's size. 

We wandered about a bit and checked out the fruit at the stalls. I was quite taken with an Aubergine (eggplant that was extremely beautiful). Then we went after a new bottle of Basalmic vinegar in the high hopes that the sun will come out and we can enjoy fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzerella and basalmic vinegar in August. 

My husband, hates shopping if it is not for food.  AAAAArrrrrgh!  I wanted to scream but held it in.  I got him to go into an antique store with me and he seemed to enjoy that and the little stool he found to perch on while I looked around.  Then he was tired so we headed back to the Sheraton by bus.  I went up with him, although it was sunny out (rare these days) and I was in town.  I set at the little table in the room and got out my beading supplies and made three bracelets out of blue glass beads and blue crystals - reminiscint of the sun shining on blue water. They are lovely and I wore them for the rest of the afternoon although they did not go with my earrings or outfit.  I will be posting them for sale this week on

Then I got out of the room and commenced to walk and shop. I had such a good time looking at clothes, jewelry and trying to decipher the going "looks" in accessories.  I took in the colors that were beginning to come in for fall and the fashion trends coming up.  While I do not like trendy jewelry I will use the color of the day to imply the trend....but make something that can become a signature piece and worn for years.

Back to the room, read a crime novel and a fashion out to dinner to a brew pub.

Sunday morning....headed for home.... Still married although he hates shopping.  AAAAARGHHHH!

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