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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Is Coming Already

I was at the department store that houses our pharmacy and I noticed all the Valentine's candy, valentines, little sweet gifts and sentiments.  Didn't we just celebrate Christmas and Hannukah?  I think I remember....I still have my Christmas trees up as today is the Epiphany (Celebrates the day the Wise Men showed up); the final day of the the Christmas holidays for me.

Things are moving just too fast. My Etsy teams are asking what stock I have for Valentine's day.  I think I have something that will do on my site: I remember making some beautiful little enamel heart earrings. 

I also have a pearl necklace with a sterling silver heart locket that is very sweet. It would look lovely around the neck of the one you love or around your neck if you are a bride to be. 

Children love hearts so I have a variety of millifiori heart earrings that would be darling on a little girl and some crazy foam heart earrings that are edgy and fun.

So yeah, I guess I am up on this next holiday.....Are you?

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