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Monday, May 21, 2012

Urgggh Tiles

I am still not ready to show you my scrabble tiles.  They are getting better but still have some shrunken middles and some bubbles. But they are getting better.

Maybe I should have made like two at a time till I figured this out. No not me, I had to go ahead and cut out 50 little squares of paper from a gardening catalog then glue them all on tiles, then coat each with glaze.  Now....when you are learning and take this as a lesson is to not get so gungho with your plans and product.  Start small......

What was I thinking?

Hey I am still gonna get there.

On top of all of this crazy tile creativity and slowness I have also landscaped and rebarked my garden....about 1/2 of an acre.  Planted up my veggies....purchased annuals (they still have to go in) and weeded and fertilized my roses.  I have also mowed both back and front lawns, mulched and did 3/4 of my jewelry inventory for my online business:

Oh....whatelse have I been doing?  Oh yeah, tending to my daughter's sadness, my funky truck that has a starter problem, entertaining family, building greenhouses and driving 3-400 miles a week to sign kids up for a college scholarship (day and evening and night job).  Just that....

But those darned tiles....

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