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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skills Gaps and Your Second Wind

I am watching the House Higher Education Committee on television talk about the cuts to community and technical education and they are going on and on about skills gaps. (I think there isn't any as people have transferrable skills but that is a discussion for employers....not us)!

I have a skills gap, some days, when it comes to putting together my creations. Have you ever had that day when you are working on your craft and nothing works right?  You know, beads break, wire bends in a way you never meant it too you drop the last crimp bead you have and you can't find it on the patterned carpet? 

There are times when I wondered why I took on this endeavor because nothing works right and nothing sells in my shop...

But then I catch (you probably have too) my second wind and creativity rains over my head and I am back in the game. Last night, I was on a creative streak and my work turned out as envisioned.  My beads were my muse....

The message is....stay in the game and when it all goes awry let it to the beads....

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