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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shop Local Saturday

I love the way the business community just keeps coming up with these nice little "days" to help us spend our money.  I have been doing "Shop Local Christmas shopping" for years and years and years.  My sister Beth and I, take time to spend a day visiting small communities around where we live and we shop small stores.

Have I told this to you before, reader?  I apologize, if so, but it does bear repeating. Take the frenzy out of the holidays.  Yesterday, I went to our local beadstore, Shipwreck Beads, and bought some beautiful beads. I came home and made 5 gifts for the total cost of 30 dollars of materials (gemstones and silver wire) while hanging out in the family room with my sister and daughter. 

I was watching television and instead of just mindlessly watching Sherlock Holmes solve a case, I solved a gift idea dilemma.

I have also bought some pendants and charms from local artisans to make other pieces. Inexpensive, handcrafted, made in the USA, one of, signature pieces for only about $5.00 a component.

My next big thing to do is to create something for the men in the family. Hmmmmm....One brother will wear a bracelet....the other not so much....brothers' in law are practical men.  Nephews, nah!!!! 

Thank goodness I can cook.  I think I will put together some soup mixes, rub mixes for steaks and roasts, and maybe some herb flavored oils.  Oh....not to forget, packages of my killer peanut brittle.

Yeah....that is what I will do....Don't tell.

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