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Friday, November 4, 2011

Save Money During the Holidays

The best, I mean the very best way to save money for the holidays is to shop local, shop on line at and use coupon HS2011 to get 10% off your purchase price at check out.  This is also a time to buy that special accessory to go with the holiday outfit for that work party. It is also the time to buy that special accessory for that special romantic holiday supper with your honey.

Shopping local just makes sense and doing your shopping early makes even better cents. I mean sense.

My sister and I have a tradition to go out the day after Thanksgiving and enjoy shopping at local independent shops within reach of our homes.  We try to buy local products and handcrafted products as well.  It is fun....we find nice, meangingful gifts and we also strive to slow down our pace and not chase every sale. Who cares that you have a thousand gifts under the tree?  It is more meaningful to have the nicest couple of presents under the tree.

The time spent with family and friends is more important than the relentless shopping for useless items.So this year, I have favorited all the gifts that I think my family members will like on Etsy. I am focusing on my OlyTeam members as they all live within mere miles of my house and they are my friends and or family.  I am crafting my list this weekend for giving and will start my shopping in a matter of days.

By Black Friday, my shopping will be more or less complete and I can put all my focus into putting together your sale items, wrapping them so you don't have to and shipping in time for you to make your friends and family happy.  Easy peasy.

Join me in having time for family and friends and in saving money and sanity. Let's make the holidays about more than frenzied last minute shopping.  I'll help you to have the holiday of your life:

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