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Friday, November 16, 2012

I have so been neglecting my wonderful little blog.  I have been so busy I have hardly had time to breathe.  Fall and the start of the school year is a busy time for me.  I have been on the road visiting schools and talking to teens about life after high school.  6 career fairs in two weeks.  About 400 miles a week.

In October, my sister and I participated in a Ladies Day Out event at my friend Tracey's nursery: Tsuki Nursery here in Olympia.  We had a wonderful fall day (with rain, sunshine and more rain) in the northwest.

Len made cassoulet, crostini, pizza, black bean tapanade and a black rice salad. I made 13 bean soup.  We had crackers and cheese, coffee and wine and of course: art for items...handknit stocking caps.

The weather was cold and crisp and the maple trees were in their fall glory.  We had booths on the inside of the greenhouse and the maples were our backdrop.  It was beautiful and people couldn't believe how wonderful it all was.

My son has been home on leave from the daughter has visited several times from Seattle. I have been in my studio space (a corner of a back bedroom) just creating a way.  I have created 6 really fun charm necklaces with handmade charms, found objects and glass beads.

I sit so long at school events, I have been taking my knitting and have been knitting little cuffs/wrist warmers.  All they need is some button and felt embellishments.

A large bag of mixed up, crazy colored, shiny glass India beads came home with me from the local bead shop last weekend. I poured them all in a bowl one night and sorted to my hearts content.  21 pairs of earrings came from this bead decadence plus two bracelets and a necklace.  

Leather lacing has been fashioned into several bracelets and hardware has become pendants.  The creativity in my little tiny blocks of time has just been pouring from me.  I am having so much fun and plan on sharing my creations with my sister's at Christmas time.  They love to get and to give handmade we have fun exchanging our art.

I will be doing a Christmas show in a few weeks and hope my beautiful creations go to new homes.  Then I will have space to showcase the other ideas I want to make.

All is good, in the world of crafting/creating/art.  I'd love to see what you are creating....

Happy Thanksgiving!

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