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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Fall Sneak

I have been concentrating on gardening for so long that I have neglected my blog.  Although I have been in my cluttered "studio" which is really a four foot long folding table in a corner of my youngest child's bedroom (she has moved to Seattle).  I have between weeding, cleaning out flower beds and tending my little flock of chickens been making this funky little memory wire bracelets and rings made with vintage buttons.

You can see my work online at

I found the buttons at an antique store in downtown Olympia.  They were already in a cute little jar.  I also found some old broken pins and old pendants for charm necklaces and bracelets at the same place but in a different booth.

But now is fall. Almost all the leaves had dropped and we are turning up the fire.  Long cooking meals are coming out of the oven.  It is time to think about holiday gifts for the nieces, the sisters and the daughter's.  Got to get back to the studio.  Got to get back to the beads, the buttons and the chain.

Stay warm!

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