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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Website Update

I created a web page using Intuit/Homestead about four years ago which is equivalent to 100 life times ago on the Internet.  Let me tell you:  it was ugly....(being my first one) and horridly out of date.  So today I decided I would work on it.

I downloaded an update to the site builder and started in....only to encounter an error on my third page and then I had to go back and call the service number.  Of course, I had to listen to minutes and minutes of loud bad music before a nice young man came on.

My update was as out of date as my old website.  So he had to update me from wherever he was....not India...from the sound of his Midwestern tones and then I was off and running.

This time I decided to get the first three pages up and published just to get something "fresh" on line. I decided to cool it with the little images I had created before I knew what I was doing and left it spare and clean.

I then published it and went to check it out.  Well of course, my browser is Bing- so no such luck.  No matter how many times I put in BluJeanBeads using Http and www. Nothing.  Then I tried Google.  There I was!  Just underneath a site called Blue Jean Beads.  Someone else who makes lovely jewelry - but with the E in blue and I am without the E in blue.  Tried go. 

Good heavens!  But at least I was found in Google and you can find me too: Look under  All one word.....No E in blue and then you will have me.  Let me know what you think for a "second" beginners try?



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