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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is what I have been working on....memory wire bracelets. I am at that place where in-between fancy, schmancy inspiration I am looking for an easy project, that is fun, wearable and fits the tenet of my shop.....Fun, Funky and Affordable.

Memory wire bracelets fit most wearers and you either slip your hand between the rounds or you can loosen the rounds and wrap it around your wrist. The memory wire does not lose it's shape and if you are using heavy beads it will not slip off if you have more than three rounds.

I made a cute little one for kids and you can see it in my etsy store: It is made from cute little wood beads and larger wood animal beads.  I think a little one would like it.

In early December, I will be doing a bazaar at McLane Elementary School in Olympia (December 2- 4-8 PM) and have been putting together items to sell. I know that at bazaars you get people with a range of budgets and holiday needs.  I put together a little basket of bracelets priced and geared for children's giving to parents and siblings.  I think it is very important that children think of others during "gift getting" time and start to give from a very young age.  My daughter had to start gift choosing and surprises for her grandmother's, her father and her brother, starting at age two.  She is the most thoughtful of gift givers.  The chosen item may not be expensive, it may be handcrafted, it may be an experience but it is always given in good spirit and it is always "right."  I think it is because she has had good practice in selflessness.

At the bazaar I also hope to have varying price points in items for adults and jewelry pieces that can be worn by men and women. I have started using larger lobster clasps not just as a "funky" item and a signature statement for BluJeanBeads but to make my jewelry accessible to folks with different abilities to fasten clasps. I also have pieces with magnetized clasps or no clasps at all (elasctic bracelets). Not every family celebrates Christmas so I try to keep my tags and jewelry boxes neutral.

So onwards to the joy!

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