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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Bunch of Jump Rings

I am so fickle. My last post was all about spring but I am so over spring....rain, every damn day, rain. Yeah, I know I live in Washington State, but a girl can have enuff....not shoes....not handbags, or beads....but rain. Every day rain. More rain....rain....

So what to do?  I pulled out two different sizes of jump rings and found two pairs of chain nosed pliers and pulled up to the kitchen table.  This was my place to work as I watched Clash of the Titan's on DVD.

I created a beautiful chain maille bracelet and earrings that can be paired with it -oh and another pair of earrings that featured a bone bead. The silver reminds me of rain....glistening rain drops. Tomorrow in honor of the rain I may dig out some green beads from the stash and pair them with some silver. Green leaves with glistening "rain" drops.

Next....brown beads....mud puddles with splashes of silver beads....rain, more rain....rain....more rain....

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