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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day

Your mom likes jewelry that is handcrafted, made from beautiful semiprecious gemstones with sterling silver wire wrapped findings?  Then why in the hell do you keep giving her a crappy old breakfast in bed with eggos waffles and orange juice from a jug?  Get on and buy her something she would really like. Something she could brag about in the lunch room or the bingo hall or out at cards with the girls. Quit doing the same o, same o!

My son, bless his heart, went to a neighborhood yard sale a Saturday before Mother's day and spent his little bit of money on some wonderful junk jewelry. Then he wrapped it up and that is what I got for Mother's day. But he was 11 and that was wonderful. I still have and wear a few of the pieces because they are funky enough to fit a bohemian/hippie vibe when I am at home, weeding the flower beds.

But my son grew up, and he buys my bobbles from Ashar and I look fabulous. I wear my new jewelry to work, to the store and out with my girls (we don't play cards)!

Happy Mother's Day and do, please Mom with a gift from Ashar. She is tired of toaster waffles!

Ms. T-Kim

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words for Ashar Gems. Aw shucks cheeks are red. We have discovery and designs in our blood, all of us that love to design and create beautiful things. That includes BluJeanBeads and any other Etsy lover of the handmade. Creation has given us the gift of creation. So enjoy beauty at its fullest.

    Check out Mr. Patel's Emporium, by BluJeanBeads. I love it and I love the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Mr. Patel has a flair for the colorful, but it is up to you to see it, feel it and enjoy it. Happy Mother's Day and don't go out and do something silly and tacky for mom at the last minute because you spent too much time on your Blackberry texting some silly man or woman!