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Monday, April 11, 2011

Etsy or Facebook

I love Etsy.  It is this incredible community of artists who love to join circles, get into teams and basically hang out online sharing their favorite finds throughout the site.  What is not to love?

Then there is Facebook.  An incredible community of folks who love to chat and basically hang out on line.  Some may be artists and some may be perusing their favorite finds online.

But their is a difference.  Etsy is all about E-commerce and Facebook is about friendship and connections.  Oh wait...Etsy is about friendship and Facebook is about what????

 I am so confused.

The confusion comes from our lovely U.S. economy.  It has been such a long time between sales, I get on Etsy to catch up with fellow Etsians to see what they have been creating in their solitary little studios and to show them what I have made in my solitary little studio.  Then we all join circles and do show and tell, give each other advice in our teams and post all the things we have found in our surfing.  We also get to post all the things we love by category in a thing called "Treasuries."  If only Facebook had a treasury....we could really do show and tell to people who are not artists.

Anyways....check out my Etsy site.  And if you are an Etsian (either artist or shopper) join my circle.  Let's share!

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