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Friday, August 12, 2011

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

How many of us have the money to run out in September and buy new outfits for the year? 

Well, that is no longer cost effective or feasible for most of us who are struggling on limited incomes.  We have to strategize on other ways to look our best.  Don't get me wrong, I am not destitute, but when the interest rates on savings accounts is soooo darn low, I too, am economizing.  I find that if I go through my closet and take a couple of hours, I can put together "new" outfits.

But I can also go through all my accessories and pull them out.....try them on.....imagine wearing them in different ways....can that necklace become a bracelet?  Will this pair of earrings go with that necklace? Bracelet? Outfit?  Try it on in front of the may be genuinely surprised.  Jot it down on a piece of paper so you will remember your smart combination or take a digital picture. 

But what if you do need something new...because everything is looking a little tired?  Start with accessories....sometimes you can get away from a huge clothing expense if you just embellish and enhance what you have with a little sparkle, some glitter and some glow.  I love retro pins.  I find a new pin can be just the thing to jazz up an old jacket's lapel or I can wear it at my waist or hem of my dress to draw interest.  I have been known to put a brooch on a hat band or buy an adapter so I can wear it on a silver collar as a pendant. 

Sometimes all I need is a new scarf to go on top of the winter coat (I knit) or a funky necklace draws the eyes in new ways and makes me wear something deeper down in my drawer that has the perfect neckline.  What about hair embellishments?  On Etsy, a number of my fellow artisans make pretty little hair ties, headbands and fascinators.  They are cute, affordable and very, very clever.

So look at accessories before a big purchase you can't afford.  Go through your jewelry box....go through your scarves.....(look in your sister's jewelry box when she isn't looking)!  Try to put together a new and inspiring accessory wardrobe from pieces you already own.  Then if you find you need a new piece, get to your computer and instead of buying the latest "trend" item get something interesting, fun, different, signature from an artisan. Etsy shopowners are waiting to fill your orders.

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