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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make It Olympia

The proprieter of BluJeanBeads will be helping the proprieter of Ashar gems ( in a booth at Make It Olympia next Saturday, from 10-4 pm.  Hope you can stop by.  Ashar has some of the nicest pieces, they are elegant, made from silver, handcrafted clasps....if you want a piece for your favorite evening ensemble....get it at Ashar.

I hope the sale goes well.  Last year, we did a booth at the Festival of the Rivers and though we enjoyed the was hot.....almost 100 degrees....dusty.....and no buyers.  Came back with a deficit instead of any profit.

That day...there were vendors from as far away as Sante Fe and they fared no better.  I know that is the nature of retail but'd think someone would have wanted some pieces to make themselves look good.

Anyways we are excited and hope you will join least to say hello and to look at the merch.

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