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Monday, August 29, 2011

Scoping out Google Analytics

So I tied my Etsy shop to Google Analytics and then everyday I look at it and see if I can determine a new strategy for success.  Of course, I am far from an expert.....I mean really far....I have had this link for awhile and I am now realizing that whenever I post an item on Twitter or Facebook people go to that one further.....So now I am beginning to understand what the Etsy forum was talking about:

"Using Twitter to announce your new product is like shouting over a cubicle wall"!

That is all people hear and their ears are getting tired of the shouting. They may click the linkbut shoppers are not necessarily going to my shop.

Now, why did it take me so long to make this connection?  I think maybe I am a little slow.  So now, I need to think in a bigger way.  How do I get people to go to my site and poke around so that they are interested in my fun, funky, affordable BluJeanBeads jewelry?

For instance, I am using paper (tag board) to create some new pieces.  I want you to look at that.  But I don't want you to stop there....I have a cute pearl necklace with the most darling cast silver rabbit on it.  The rabbit is scratching his or her ear and is just darling. You are not going to see this if you just look at my POG earrings or my POG bracelet.  What is a POG earring?  Go look but don't stop there....look at other things....poke around.....try things on....put them in your cart....contemplate which gift will look great on Mom, Sister, the dog?!  No not the dog....

So how do we as crafters and artisans bring shoppers to our site?  That is the million dollar question and I hope you respond to this blog post and let me know what you are doing.  Let's strategize and blitz the world with beautiful jewelry so people can look good out real time....

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  1. I wish had the answer myself so if you find it out, please let us know ;) I find that I have the same experience when I post new listing on facebook!