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Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Ready for The Show

It seems whenever you get ready to do a show (August 20th Downtown Olympia WA) it generates another round of buying supplies, having to take inventory and to make something that may be especially appealing to this next market.  When you create for your design more for the unknown customer and you find something that sells so you make a little bit more of it.  When you are just creating, you find yourself making the type of thing that you love to wear.  When it comes time for a show - you have to stay true to your vision - but still make something that will satisfy the market place.

Then you have to think about set up. What were the gaps in your tablescape at your last show? What worked well?  What might create more of a draw?  In a world crowded by beautiful jewelry, how do you draw the customers to the best jewelry in the whole show - yours?

The next step is to pull your inventory together for the show. Should you take what you posted in your Etsy shop or not? What if by chance someone bought online what you had just sold in person?  Would this mess you up?  Should you risk the fact that your inventory which hasn't sold for months from your online shop may infact finally sell? Should you make and/or pull together inventory you had scheduled to put online?  So many questions to answer.  So much to do....

Please visit if you are in Olympia on the 20th....bring your wallet and be ready to turn loose of your money!  Let me know, how I answered all my own questions.

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