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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Summer's Eve

Tomorrow is the first day of summer for the year.  Yowza!  I am so excited. I love summer...can you tell?  I have done enough whining about the cold, gloomy weather to let you know!

I  have been creating all kinds of pretty bracelets. Just ready for the season. I created one that has varying shades of lavender and pink and I am so excited. It will look so cute with one of my favorite summer dresses.

I've also been thinking of brides....June is a great month for weddings and all those beautiful shades of white that go into gowns, bouquets and hair ornaments.  My sister, of Ashar gems ( has been busy creating the most beautiful wedding ensembles for brides.

The season has also inspired me to write. I have written a book on budgeting and posted it in my etsy shop: For years I have collected all the little tips I used to get through the hard times and I have been writing them down. Well, Sunday, I took the time to take my jottings and put them in a downloadable format and posted them for sale. 

Budget books and jewelry?  Do you see the connection?  Well, when times are tough, many of us have to give up our "shopping" and "mall" addictions to make ends meet.  An affordable piece of jewelry is just the ticket for jazzing up what you have in your closet. I love fun and funky jewelry but many of my pieces at are more classic in design then funky. I want my customers and friends to wear my creations for years instead of having to replace a trendy design in a year or two. That definitely is not frugal or cost effective in these tight times. to you soon!

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