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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tired Jeweler

The weeds in my garden were getting to the point where they thought they were family. "Can we come in?"  Bold...setting seed.

Memorial Day family picnic was held on Sunday, so I had a glorious and unexpected dry day to go out and reclaim my backyard and tame it's jungle look.  I weeded, I spread compost, mowed, hoed, crawled, amended, baited and put down a beautiful layer of mulch.  The dark of the mulch really sets off the colors of spring....the blues of the geraniums, the lilacs, the red of the heuchera and the young green leaves.  Gorgeous!

Anything to do with jewelry?  Yes...fresh eye for new color combinations. A place to relax the eye after a day of beading in my studio under the artificial light of a lamp. A chance to concentrate on the next design instead of worrying that I should be mowing when it is not raining. A place to be happy. I am very happy in a garden and a happy gardener is a happy jeweler.

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