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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It always amazes me when I look at onsite shopping sites such as the one I belong to, Etsy, and realize that my "competitors" (fellow artists) sell their items for less than market price.  A $2.00 bracelet - 20 cents cost for posting on site, shipping cost not to mention the price of the product, the price of the artists time, and the expenses that are incured in making the product: gas to go to the store to purchase components, and electricity- is worth so much more than $2.00. What are they really getting for their efforts?

Oh yes, the satisfaction that someone will beautify the very air around them, because they look so good in the two dollar bracelet. Oh yes, the joy they bring to others because that bracelet really sets off that thrift store outfit making it look like it originally cost a thousand bucks and was tailored just for you. 

But seriously....

 I still don't think I would price my items that low.  I am seeking to make a profit on my beautiful bracelets because one of my goals is to be self supporting.  I desire to fund my child's education and I eventually dream of creating a fund where I can help low income families around the world, acquire microloans, so they can better themselves and their families through good nutrition and education. I want to support one of my favorite charities. I want to do this through this work.

I also do not think of my jewelry making as just a hobby. I am an artist and I have vision. My time and talent is worth more than a few cents an hour just as the $2.00 artists' talent is worth more than what she is charging for it.  Personally, I think undercutting prices this low is an insult to everyone who is trying to make a living through their art.  This tells us all that we are a site filled with hobbyists and that a person who takes the time to design a piece, do the wire wrapping, charges for her time (and she doesn't come cheap) and takes in account postage and overhead is overpaid or is overcharging.  I don't think so.  This is not a dollar store filled with mass marketed and produced machine made products.

Please at the least....take in account your product cost and your designated time per hour and times it by three.  Be fair to yourself and the work of others.

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  1. I know what you mean... Some artists post items for so low you don't know how they would ever make a profit.