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Friday, June 10, 2011

Thieves are Running Amok

I went to one of my favorite local beadshops and I had to heave my large and I mean, large, bulging with junk and crap, handbag into a little locker.  All because, of theives.  It seems that people walk into beadshops create a distraction, whilst their comrades steal 100's of dollars of stock.

This is just a tiny little store on the westside of our little town. It is run by a family who probably bring in a little over $2,000 a month.  And they have to be robbed. Really?

All they are trying to do is make an honest living to support themselves and their grandchildren.

My other local bead shop is about 3,000 acres big. It has beads, crystals, leather, wire and tools from all over the world in it.  They had this nice silver display of findings....of course some dastardly folks had to pocket the goods there, too. So they had to move some of their nicest stock to an out of the way location, behind a counter, where we honest customers can't readily pick out what we came to purchase.

In this economy, in fact in any economy - why do people have to lose their moral compass and steal? I don't want your jewelry item made from stolen merchandise. I don't know how you in good conscience would think this would be an item to wear. If you steal....and you make jewelry from your ill gotten gain, keep it.  No one else wants it.

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