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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Other Websites and What What

When I was a poor downtrodden military wife....29 years ago....I worked really hard to make ends meet, keep us fed and clothed and the bills paid.  Well, I did just that and did pretty well. Had a little fun along the way by being creative and finding affordable/free or cheap adventures for my kids. 

I kept a little book where I wrote down everything I was doing and about 15 years ago I typed them up and kept adding to them. I thought you know, I should publish this....other people might be able to use these tips.  But I never finished editing....I edited about 100 times and then....

I joined Etsy and created my shop, "BluJeanBeads" and started poking around in other people's shops.  I wandered into Ezines and Books.  Oh my goodness, I realized I could get this book  to people who really need it, in a much more affordable way then if I published it as a traditional book. 

So I opened a second shop, called MizHarrison on Etsy for that purpose.  Check it out:  I broke my work into two volumes to cut the expense and put it up for sale.  The kind of tips you will find in Sista's Guide to Turning a Nickel Into a Dime:

... Purchase shampoos, conditioner, handlotion, bar soap, tissues, swabs, cotton balls, and other hair products in bulk at wareouse stores, discount shtores or this big have everything drugstores. (take a list and only buy what you need or what you use);

General tips for saving money:

...stop shopping for recreation, today.
...Try cost cutting before you take on the expense of another job.

You get the jist.  I even have a statement that buying jewelry can be a much affordable way to spark your attire than shopping for a new outfit or spending on credit cards.  Jewelry that can make a statement and that is trend/fad free is very affordable in the long run.

Happy sensible shopping.  Happy sensible savings!  Check out my guides!

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